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20 Online Gold Mines for Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Keep in mind some sites offer other types of writer jobs than what I’ve included in this guide. Rates also vary widely depending on your niche, location and time of year. Writing is a diverse career that offers many different ways to earn money. Is a crowd-sourced list of publications that pay freelance writers — and it’s a gold mine. The list has hundreds of publications to explore; it not only shows you which publications are accepting submissions, it also tells you how much they pay per word.

Then brainstorm ideas for articles that perfectly match what the client wants. If necessary, research tactics and techniques for creating such content. Your job is to convince them YOU are that freelance writer. By studying other writers’ sample content, you can identify clients they’ve worked with in the past. Because those high-paying freelance content jobs you lay awake dreaming about? When you first join us you’ll probably start with access to our lowest word count jobs while Panel Brain gets to know you.

You can promote the post on social media platforms by publishing 100 words of the article along with the link to the post. The word limit for the guest post should be between 1800 to 2200 words. Please note that the content should be submitted as the Google Doc via email. You’ll be part of the content strategy journey and will be able to see how your articles are helping clients grow their businesses and improve their content. At Mint, all writers have the flexibility to work in their own time, whether that’s in the early hours of the morning, or late at night. I, Araminta, founder and manager of Mint Studios, started out as a content writer at a fintech company, and worked my way to becoming a content strategist.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We’ll let you know how many customers your articles have brought in. At Mint, we pay within 24 business hours of receiving an invoice. For example, Michelle, our content strategist, prefers working in the afternoons and evenings during the summer because it gets far too hot at midday where she lives. Our team is also 100% remote, with people currently scattered across the UK, Europe and Africa.

Pay for most articles ranges between $10 and $50. Several factors can influence your remuneration, including your authority within given writing niches. The most advanced payment level offers $1.40 per word or $105 per hour. The most basic payment level offers 2.8 cents per word.

When I heard about online freelancing, I was thrilled. And, throughout my journey, Smart Blogger has really helped me from polishing my skills to connect with international websites. Most clients will pay freelance writers by word count or individual project. For such clients, your hourly rate will depend on how fast you work. Copify is a different kind of freelance writing job board.

Very informative post, really liked this post… Thanks for sharing. Especially the tips on the bio and testimonials. It’s a valuable post especially in these days of COVID-19 when everybody is looking to work from home and looking for freelance work. I really appreciate that you put on a great effort to bring out such outstanding content.

I like the idea, that there is huge variety of topics. At the same time you can learn about the things you have never even heard about, like new sports, technological achievements or dog breeding. Entry-level writing jobs include junior copywriter, junior reporter, proofreader, and content executive. New writing jobs emerge as the tools and platforms for writers evolve.

I feel smarter and more intelligent by going through this blog post. To try and implement a lot of tips mentioned in this blog. I was wondering how could i spend time in this pandemic. I came across this article, it gave me lot of strength.

A wealthy business owner sitting in a Herman Miller chair on top of a rug made out of recycled Herman Miller chairs is reading an article you’ve written. Most writers who do freelance work, either due to ignorance or fear, don’t ask for testimonials. Our own Jon Morrow says he’s only had a small handful of writers over the years ask him for a testimonial — even though he would’ve been perfectly happy to give one to them. The Content Panel is one of the highest paid and most flexible freelance writing platforms on the planet. On the day your post goes up, please respond to comments over on my Facebook.

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