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You also need to optimize your content for readability. Internet users want to make informed purchasing decisions, so they research different options before they part with their money. That’s the number one goal for every affiliate marketer.

Be sure to pitch a topic or share an article not yet written on our site or other sites. We always look forward to giving opportunities to creative marketing writers. Relating to one category you are most passionateabout writing a kick-ass, well researched, in-depth article for. Don’t be afraid to take a unique spin on a topic or expand past what we’ve described. We are really, picky – probably too picky.

Instead, I provided a different type of value that also returned value to myself as well. Follow all the instructions and requirements above for your guest post pitches and article writing samples to be considered. You’re free to link to relevant content on your site as long as it’s relevant. Light editing for grammar, style, and formatting may be required (we’ll have you approve any changes) and some links may be replaced if they link to low-quality sources. Currently, we’re more likely to consider topics closely related to Pinterest, SEO, affiliate marketing, and mindset. Search on our blog to check if your topic is already not published by other authors or by me before.


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This type of content compares different products so the reader can choose the product that best suits their needs. The majority of people searching for reviews are ready to make a purchase; they just want to determine which product is the best fit for their needs. You can insert CTAs into your text, add CTA buttons beneath product images, and include a strong CTA in the conclusion of your content. The goal of your monetized blog post is to make a sale and earn a commission. Affiliate networks are a great place to start looking for affiliate offers.

Thank you for your interest in creating content for the NH Community. Nichehacks.com is dedicated to educating users by exploring and demonstrating strategies and techniques to make a sustainable income online. If you want to make affiliate sales, these five post types can be added to any type of niche, not just one on book marketing. So, check them out and start thinking about how you can create the sort of content that provides for your readers, but also offers natural ways to increase your bottom line. Affiliate banner ads are a great way to promote your affiliate offers and monetize blog posts that aren’t product-focused. 4 SEO Help has a great and latest database embedded with useful tips, tricks and SEO link building websites for on-page and off-page SEO.

Reviews are effective for affiliate promotion because they educate the reader about the product, providing the reassurance people need before committing to buy. When people are in the final stage of the buyer’s journey, they have already become aware of their problem/goal and are in the process of deciding on which product to buy. The majority of affiliate network merchants will provide you with advertising materials, including premade banner ads. Editing your blog post is much more than correcting typos and deleting the odd sentence. The introduction is really important, so you want to spend time making it as engaging as possible to encourage people to keep reading.

I was actually looking to find something like that. I’m learning that you have to invest a lot of energy, effort, and testing into this before anything works for you. And your guest post is surely a lightning rod. You can create blog posts, videos, infographics or anything similar — but whatever you do, it should not be a sales page. If you would like to review multiple products, one option is to create a review site where all the content is simply reviews and affiliate offers. It becomes a “one-stop-shop” for your niche.

Even the most experienced bloggers need a rough outline to keep them on the topic. A great blog post won’t just flow onto the page when you start typing. Keywords are the phrases that people type into search engines to find information related to a topic. Google Trends is a great way to judge the potential of a blog post topic idea. …But it’s also one of the most critical factors in the success of any blog post. There are thousands of unpolished and spammy affiliate websites online.

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