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Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in the Pacific Northwest, and her written work has been published nationally. This website features a blog to address nurses’ demands across the U.S. The blog connects nurses with employers while expanding diversity in nursing for working nurses and student nurses. It is a resource for news and insights with a focus on inclusion and cultural competence for nurses. The website also hosts a forum, job board, and podcasts.


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We want stories about and by nurses moving beyond the traditional nursing role. We accept articles written about another nurse’s journey too. So if you have someone you would like to feature that’s great!

Includes the nursing process from assessment to interventions and outcomes. Some journals want a separate section devoted to nursing implications. Depending on the journal guidelines, this section might include medications, medical and nursing procedures, and key nursing considerations.

We welcome guest posts that are relevant to our blog. Posts are allowed to have your link at the bottom. Include a brief introduction (25-50 words) and bio ( words). You may opt to include LinkedIn and Twitter contact info in your bio, along with a link to your personal blog or website.

This section focuses on key points for patient education. If your article discusses best practices in your setting, consider including a patient education handout that can be incorporated into any organization. However, all posts must not be published elsewhere. By submitting a post, you are granting us exclusive rights to publish it.

Reviewers’ comments are fed back in a constructive way to ensure your experience with us is rewarding. This means your article has credibility with our readers and other nursing professionals. We welcome submissions from experienced and new authors on clinical topics, original research, literature reviews, service innovation or continuing professional development.

We’re looking for those who have advanced the profession, made a difference in patients’ lives or in the community, inspired other nurses or faced challenges that helped them grow. Send us the nurse’s name and contact information, along with a brief explanation of why you think this person deserves to be a nurse to know. Submissions in this category should include background information, a detailed description of how the innovation affected nursing practice, and a summary of results that were achieved. For advice on open access, conflict of interest, informed consent and patient details, human and animal rights, and which journal to write for, click here.

Nurses have been sharing their thoughts online ever since blogs first hit the Internet. The early days were truly the Wild West where no one particularly knew what they were doing and whether this blog thing would actually stick. However, it wasn’t too long before everyone (including media organizations, non-profits, and private corporations) had a blog. Now, in the 21stcentury, nurse bloggers have come into their own and blogs are as ubiquitous in nursing as any other profession. So, if you’d like to launch a blog, it’s relatively easy to do.

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