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Be a Better Writer: 5 Lessons Learned From Yoga Teacher Training

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One of the best ways that we can apply this to our job as writers is to test the copy that we create. Testing is admitting that you don’t know the answer yet and that you’re okay with that. It could also mean that you’re pretty sure you know that what you’ve written will work. This past semester I had the opportunity to teach a yoga class to my honors Foundations in Theology students in the chapel on my university’s campus. As I rolled out my yoga mat in front of the altar, I noticed how two powerful symbols of embodied spirituality—the eucharistic welcome table and the practice of yoga—were side by side.

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Libel is essentially defined as, “A published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation” but this is a complex area of law. You don’t need to become a lawyer, but you do need to be very careful if you are saying anything remotely negative about a person or an organisation. The main Feature Image format is 1280 x 720 pixels. All other images can be the same size as the feature image or 600 x 400 pixels, landscape or portrait. Images should not contain text unless the text forms part of the picture ie a signpost.

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