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Any link to any website is considered as Paid article submission. Don’t link to the main keywords as same as it is in the heading of the article. While contributing, please adhere that, content should be 100% unique and niche should be related to Gambling & Betting. “They aren’t perfect, but I’ve been pretty happy with ACR overall. The tournaments are big and I play fast fold all the time since they added it to mobile.” Okay, I know you aren’t going to be quite that… verbose, but I’m looking for poker content I would be proud to write myself. Links to product pages or thin content will not be accepted.

Editorial Accuracy – Journalistic accuracy is defined by not only presenting the facts, but also providing the correct context. Our writers must fact-check each data point they present and ensure their coverage does not mislead the reader. We do not accept rewritten or paraphrased content.


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The structure of your guest post is important, but the format of your content is also important, so be sure you modify it in a way that is simple to read. Short sentences, paragraph spacing, and good header style will all help. We don’t publish short posts since we can’t adequately explore a fascinating topic in 300 words. 1000 words are the absolute least, but if you focus on meaningful and relevant content, you might be able to get away with 1500 or more. Prepare a compelling article, as well as a catchy title and headers, based on your study.

The minimum word count for articles is 700 words and can be up to 2000 words. The articles must be written in a conversational and friendly tone. Online poker tournaments provide the opportunity to earn a… • You acknowledge and accept that the content you post is entirely your responsibility. • Your article should be 100 percent new and original. You mustn’t duplicate the information from other websites; doing so is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated by anybody.

They ought to encourage the reader to act and even innovation success. Please wait a momentafter submitting your post. The uploading time may vary on your post length and attachment. You will get a success message after the upload is completed.

If you want to identify Casino sites that allow guest posts in a search engine, you’ll need to be aware of the queries used by a few search engines. So, here are a few searches engine queries that you can use to search on the search engine. It’s best if the blog post focuses on one main idea; this will help your readers focus and keep reading. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited here – submit 100% fresh and original content.

We appreciate it if you reference your post in future publications, so please write something worth mentioning. 1 link per 600 words is ideal, with a total of 1-2 links. Make sure your post is well-written and free of grammar errors.

It helps if you are really interested in our topics. To entertain and delight card & game enthusiasts around the world. It’s possible to write a piece under one of the categories listed. Include at least one feature image with your submission. No alternative cash payment, exchange for alternative bonuses or incentives will be offered. Claims that are substantiated with links to credible sources.

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