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But for everyone else, showering or bathing twice a day probably isn’t necessary. Use a paper towel or cloth to wipe down the inside of the tub, removing any soap residue or stray hairs that may have gathered. Taking a bath can be a more relaxing way to get your body clean than showering. Switch to lukewarm or cool water for the final rinse of your hair and your body. This will help seal conditioner into your hair follicles, encourage blood flow throughout your body, and give you a refreshing jump start as you step out of the shower.


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I used these stories when creating a special “Halloween” episode for my podcast. Bathroom in France, with a bathtub and a shower – and no toilet. This article is about private rooms for personal hygiene.

Matthews explains this using evolutionary psychology, saying that boosting oneself up is a typical male mating strategy, whereas putting other women down is a classic female gambit. They will help you find the pitfalls of the design, if there are any, and maybe will give advice on fitting the colors better or using the right materials. You can ask them, whether you leave enough space — an experienced specialist will always tell you, even at this stage, whether it will be convenient and functional, or not. When you’re done with research, get back to your sketch and start coloring all the details in. Use a soft pencil and bring it all together by hand – don’t worry about it looking professional.

The tub is less of an issue—a weekly scrubbing is usually enough. But for extra gleam, fill it with hot water, then drain. Apply a bathroom cleaner and let sit for 15 minutes before scrubbing. Fill your tub with lukewarm or slightly warm water. Scalding-hot water will burn your skin, and water that’s even a bit too hot will dry out your skin. You can test the temperature of the water carefully with your hand.

And don’t forget to follow us on onFacebook, where you can keep up to date with the latest news, reviews and special offers. While not all of us are in a position to invest in the work of designers like Lombardi, there are no end of more affordable baths and basins which sport pleasing and natural curves. Although, this is a style that has taken time emerging, it’s now about to explode into the mainstream as a fully defined approach to bathroom interior design. Remember though, if you decide to go this way, pay careful attention to flow. The lines should move together where possible, rather than shooting off randomly in all directions. Toilet graffiti also offers an interesting contrast to the way people typically behave in the bathroom.

When it comes to heating underfloor heating is a good solution and space efficient. Or use towel rails, which can also be used for heating too. By LuAnn Schindler Earlier this month, I wrote about differentiating between a legitimate job board posting and a scam . By Pam Webber Novelists who write from multiple points of view amaze me. Having worked with a writing group for two years under the tu…

You don’t want to waste your limited square footage. Measure the length, width and depth of the walls. Fourth, mix warm water and an all-purpose cleaner in a bucket, and mop the floor.

This year sees us edging ever closer to a more eclectic selection of shapes, sizes and finishes. Look to brushed nickel and bronze, along with waterfall taps and floor mounted fillers! But whatever you decide, so long as it fits with the overall aesthetic, it’s difficult to go wrong. Another way to stay ahead of the curve, is to buy the type of bath that says something about you are and the way that you live. Recent innovations around the use of powdered stone and resin means that designers have a great deal more freedom when it comes to creating more sculpted, flowing lines.

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