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The article is meant to be a straightforward and informative for The outingvibe. I’m looking for 100% original material for publication on The outingvibe. When you own a blog, you are always looking for fresh and innovative content to keep readers engaged. When you are inundated with hundreds of applications per day, distinguishing between quality and quantity becomes difficult.

For example, “12 Unique Things to do in Sydney” or “18 Ways to Get Off The Beaten Path in Peru”. It’s important that any guest post submission fit in well with the content we already have on our site. We want articles that will interlink nicely with each other and give our readers the best well-rounded information about a destination.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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If articles are not well-written we reserve the right to reject any article at any time. We strive to produce content that is written from an authentic pro-sportsman perspective, yet is still objective. Please keep in mind fair chase rules, good sportsmanship, and other ethical conduct. Feature Stories should be about your trip to Idaho, things you like to do in Idaho, or your experiences in Idaho. If we believe your article is fictional, not original content or not specifically written about something you experience in Idaho.

Or for which the author has explicit permission to use in association with their content. However, Unless you specifically target our Idaho audience you will not be published on our site. We will get back to you and let you know if your article will be considered for inclusion.

All our stories fall under News, Features, Gear and Travel- four main sections that capture the spirit of our magazine. Once again, we DO NOT accept guest posts from companies, and you will not receive a response. We get many inquiries each day from people interested in writing guest posts, and we are very selective with which posts we accept. Opinion pieces should clearly and concisely express the author’s opinion on a topic pertinent to hunters, fishers, or shooters. Strictly political (“Democrats are bad because of this” or “Republicans are bad because of this”) opinion pieces will not be accepted for publication.

(If it is approved, you will follow steps #3 – #7). Come up with an idea (or a few!) and pitch them to us by filling out the form below. We strive to produce content that is written from an authentic pro-sportsman perspective, yet still objective. Prospective writers with individual content queries or related questions should contact us at .

Your style may be unique, but it must fit with our editorial agenda and direction. We will not store originals nor return material physically mailed to us. But if you have one that deserves to be published, write to us. If you are convinced that yours is a gripping tale of action that we may have missed, write to us.

Of course, that’s great for building your authority and helping your site rank. Bearfoot Theory receives over 500k page views per month and is a platform where you can share your knowledge, experience, and raise awareness for issues that you care about. In addition, when your article is published, we will share it in our newsletter with a link to your website, and we’ll tag you when we share the blog post on our social channels. We usually retain all worldwide rights to all commissioned work, including writing, photography, art and multimedia. We will rarely publish non-commissioned work, unless the circumstances or achievements depicted are exceptional, such as high-quality images of a first ascent of a difficult or remote peak. In such a case, we’d require first publishing rights for a minimum period of time, to not dilute our story’s uniqueness, strength and reach.

This is why we pursue the outdoors, an alternate lifestyle, adventure and the extreme. We are looking for that acme of achievement that has pushed us to be different. In India, where our roots lie, nature and the outdoors have always been symbolic of something much greater than the individual self. We seek precisely that greatness in our stories, that touch of the infinite, that faint glimmer of the purest light beyond.

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