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App development is the need of different businesses to be a part of the digitization league. It is all about keeping the customers engaged… Because a game firm has a whole staff of coders, animators, animation specialists, audio programmers, and marketers all in one location, outsourcing is simple….


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Ensure you perform a proper spell check and have no grammatical errors before submission. We recommend Grammarly or Microsoft word to run a basic spell-check. Give proper source to statistics and images used in blog. Content should be unique, spell checked and make sense to users.

The article must be comprehensive and include every single detail about the product. You’ll get a backlink to your website homepage. Include introduction (3-4 lines) and conclusion(3-4 lines). In introduction, start with a quote or fact or question related to the topic. In conclusion, end the article with a nice summary and key take away points.

In the Insights section anybody from app brand owners to indie developers can find a piece of advice on multiple app development, marketing or analytics related matters. Once your draft is ready, you can submit it by including your name and a short biography about yourself. If the draft meets our editorial standards, we will get in touch with you and let you know when it will be published. Blogs, once published, become the property of LambdaTest. Therefore, if you wish to republish it, you must obtain approval from LambdaTest. Blogs will also need to include a canonical tag marking the original article published on the LambdaTest blog as the canonical page.

This blog is about trending technology & digital era, however we accept all the technology related articles, below are few topics you can write on. We offer highly rewarding, free, and paid guest posting, press release, and podcast submissions. LambdaTest reserves the right not to respond to submissions that do not meet the guidelines. In addition, LambdaTest reserves the right to proofread, edit and adapt content as we see fit.

FonePaw owns more than 800,000 users per month and cooperates with many websites and companies. Moreover, FonePaw has gained higher recognition from users and media. The article must be unique, which cannot be published anywhere. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. If your article meets our editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know that it will be published.

You are solely responsible for the press release content. Although every press release is unique, we will process your article only if it follows the below-generalized rules. So, kindly comply with the following PR posting guidelines when writing the press release for our platform. To get started, send us an email via the Contact page with some details regarding the article and we’ll give you access to a guest post account once you’re approved. The article you submit must not be posted elsewhere if it gets approved and published on AndroidB. All published posts will include your name with profile pic and brief bio with one do-follow link to your public online presence of choice.

Your content should not promote any product, service or company directly. For this, you can check out our Sponsored Article option. A versatile team with eight years of excellence in various industries and turn your business ideas into a successful product/solution. A short author bio (about your interests & profession) of under 30 words. If you have feedback or are interested in helping us translate this app into your local language, reach out to us anytime at

Always make sure you link to a reliable and trustworthy source. A bonus point if you can find an article in the DeskTime blog that covers the same or similar topic and link to it. In Email subject type write for us or guest posting when you mail us. Google search strings to find guest posting sites for your desired topic.

And who better to tell the stories from the trenches than experts like you. We always preferred good quality content over quantity. So, if you have exciting and trending ideas, don’t double think. You can mention your business and add a link to it in your author bio – nofollow brand mentions, too, can boost your website’s SEO.

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