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If you’re a writer, then you know the importance of the editorial process. Our editorial process ensures that we provide our readers with the best possible information. First and foremost, you must know that we neither pay for guest posts nor charge for posting. You only have to comply with specific conditions so we can publish your articles. The links you add to your blog post should be relevant to the content. And we only allow links that make sense & add value to the article.


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Are you getting most of the content from other sources? Try to add additional value and originality to your content. Before you start skimming this page to find the contact email address, hear us out! We are opening the gates of guest contributions on our blog for all the Content Marketing and SEO executors out there. Readers will get to know your website and you’ll get traffic from a backlink.

As a general rule, your paragraphs shouldn’t exceed 3-4 lines, and each sentence should be under 20 words. The visuals on your about page make your brand more human. What’s even more important is to use visuals of real people, not stock photos.

Make sure you understand the site’s tone and audience before pitching a post. Read through the site’s submission guidelines to see what they’re looking for. Choose a topic that you’re passionate about and that you know will interest the site’s readers. We’ll shoot you an email to let you know whether or not your guest blog post has been accepted for VOCSO. Once your article is finalized, it will be published on our website and shared across our social media channels. If we found your topic relevant and fit to our guest posting instructions, it will be send for review to our editors.

Plus, they help prospects to envision their future success through the stories of your best customers. We also help entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes grow online. Bullet points & subtitles can also help keep things organized when publishing online.

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