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Write for us: Guest Post Guidelines

Secondly, try to avoid writing about topics that you don’t know much about. Don’t write about topics that are obvious to anyone who searches the topic on Google. Instead, find a topic where you can add depth and context. As a lawyer, you want your readers to get an inside look into your practice. By offering your own insights, you can provide useful information to your audience while generating traffic for your site.

The ideal guest post can enhance the website’s engagement. You certainly do not want a poorly written blog to tarnish your website’s reputation. With writing for us, establishing rapport will be simple.

Our team at Gov-Relations wants to give you the best information possible to help you make the hardest decisions. Whether it’s as an entrepreneur or a consumer, we’re always looking for ways in which people can expand their knowledge by learning from other perspectives on grants. At Gov Relations we look for writers who are willing to get vocal about their thoughts so others know how best to go forward. If writing seems like something right up your alley then come join our team. A well-researched, thoughtful, and in-depth post is welcomed and we ensure that it reaches a significant number of readers. Submissions do not have a word limit, but we aim for articles that are between 500 and 1,200 words.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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It should speak directly to the audience and keep a logical flow throughout. We will give adequate credit to writers for any of their works we publish. If you have genuine ideas and opinions on legal issues and want to share it with the rest of the world, then Law Truly is the perfect platform for your works.

You will surely not want a not-so well-written blog to ruin the reputation of your website. With write for us law, you will easily be able to build your rapport. Think you have what it takes to write for whybecomealawyer.com? We allow one link within the content of your post and one within a byline of the author. Please note that we will not accept blog posts that attempt to link out to websites that aren’t legal related or similar in nature. This will include our ownership over related third party materials.

We will accept those articles only that will educate readers about legal issue and how they can face off legal issue in their life. Once your article is published, we’ll promote it to our audience and you’re required to promote it to yours for wider exposure and better engagement. This may include sending a newsletter, posting on your social media channels, making an announcement, or linking to it from your own website. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in your article being removed from the website.

This one is especially useful in the legal industry, considering the overwhelming amount of legal jargon that is not commonly understood. When selecting and adding keywords, don’t go overboard. Write what makes sense naturally, and don’t “stuff” random keywords into your page that aren’t relevant. Not only will potential clients heed your advice and hold your firm in higher regard, but your colleagues will, too.

Our tone is intelligent but readable, with short, punchy paragraphs, selective citations, and a clear lede that will attract academic and non-academic readers alike. We accept submissions on a rolling basis and will be in touch if your article is selected for publication. All images must be hosted on a third-party free to use website, and you must provide the direct URL to the image. We do not accept images that are hosted on your personal website or company website. Your article should be well-structured and easy to read.

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