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We’ll be running unique content tests on the submitted articles to ensure they haven’t been published elsewhere. Top 6th Filmmaking Blog in 2020which we couldn’t do without our amazing guest bloggers. Its because our blog is full of advice and information for filmmakers every step of the way. Whether you are embarking on a filmmaking career, or an established industry professional you can search our database and find the answers you are looking for.


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Email us at with the subject line PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN (yes really!), telling us a bit about yourself and what you’d like to write for us. Include a link to your work, or a writing sample of between 400 and 800 words. The opportunity to conduct exclusive interviews with upcoming film directors and other film industry professionals on behalf of FilmDoo whenever possible. A FilmDoo profile page with all your film reviews and contributions in one place, which you can point to as an example of your writing portfolio on your CV. Help build your online profile as your film reviews and contributions will be attributed to you. Well-researched, fact-driven, and related to best lists of foreign, Hollywood, Bollywood and regional movies.

You can write one or several lists for us, or you can choose to be a regular contributor. The number of lists you contribute to our site is totally flexible. To maximize your chances of success, read otherCinema Escapist articles and emulate their style/tone/rigor. People as passionate about media as we are!

To submit please send your outline and topic. See also work closely with our SEO optimisation team to make sure your posts reach a wider audience. FilmSpell has the perpetual right to publish and use the content on any of our current or future media platforms, including commercial purposes, unless arrangements are made in advance. Submissions for one of our blog sections should range between 400 and 800 words, while Complete Movie Review or Movie Explaination generally starts at around 1000 words. For original reporting in particular, we recommend first pitching ideas to the editor. Manage and create content for the Movie News section of the site, covering all aspects of the news, focusing chiefly on the films that matter to most people.

This one is under the “Entertainment” section which is the top category that is filled with many topics to write on. We are looking for writers who can offer original and quality articles of at least 500 words. We encourage articles related to sustainable Fashion, Entertainment, Award Shows, Celebrity interviews, Hot topics, Film festivals, Hotel And Restaurant reviews.

By “kind” of film I don’t mean “genre”. I’m not talking about comedies or dramas or thrillers. I mean “kind” in a more generic sense. Do you want to focus on Hollywood films?

TV Writer – Delivering the news stories, articles, essays, latest trailers as well as the reviews. We can get the latest box sets, or tickets to TV related events but you must have access to such channels as Sky Atlantic, Fox, etc. to review the latest episodes. There are a thousand other applications for IMDB information usage. Get acquainted with it if you’re not already and make it your most valuable online resource, not just as a blog writer, but also as a film fan.

The raindance blog covers a wide range of topics from how to make a film to how you get it financed and seen. We also understand the emotional rollercoaster a filmmaker or screenwriter faces. Whether it is coping with writers block or juggling personal life with one’s creative ambitions you will find useful and inspiring articles here.

We are committed to publishing quality articles on Indie Shorts Mag, so that might result in occasional rejection of pitches that don’t meet our guidelines or set standards. If your pitch doesn’t fit our reader’s interest, then it’s a dead end. A feedback will be provided upon request, for the same.

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