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Write for Us Guidelines

That said, you should cover tips that can be easily implemented by our readers. But the tips must be actionable, clear and precise. ” We’ve already published a wide range of topics and news. Your piece must elaborate on a certain aspect that we haven’t covered yet or didn’t get the attention of our readers.

We are accepting your Latest & trending on-line advertising statistics approximately Social media advertising & search engine marketing virtual advertising article. We are usually grateful to folks who proportion their New Thought with the nice precise article. Best Web hosting “write for us”, software program testing “write for us” & search engine marketing “write for us”. We would like to publish your series of guest blog posts on VOCSO. But relevancy and quality content will matter again. We’ll also make sure that it’s read as many people as possible.

Using guest posting, you don’t want to fall behind the competition. If your piece has too many links but is otherwise excellent, we may send it back to you with a request that you eliminate a few of them. Your content will almost certainly be rejected outright if it is a clear link farm. We know what backlinks are and why they’re important.

A Bio section with 20+ words about yourself or your business. A link back to your website and max 2 social media links. No links in the body of the content, unless they are closely related to the topic and are natural. They must provide extra information about the topic you are writing. First and foremost, please read a few posts to get familiar with our format, style and the type of articles we usually publish.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

It must be written for readers who are interested in technology news and social media. We have readers from Asia, Europe, Latin America and Australia. Once we’ve read, reviewed and accepted your piece, we’ll publish it right away.

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