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You can add some links to authority sites in the contents. You need to ensure that your submitted post is never published elsewhere online. The perfect length for your article is 1200 to 2500 words, depending on the type of content you’re looking to write. However, we also accept 2500+ articles if we like what we see. You build a monthly plan based on the number of credits for the content you need—including number of articles, word length, and optional services. Verblio subscriptions are flexible, month-to-month plans with no contracts required.

Not only will this help to increase traffic to your website but it will also increase your ranking in Google. We use backlinks to direct any viewers or readers to your website. This will also tell Google that your website is performing well. This will expose your website and your writing to search engines more and it will, in turn, increase your audience. Iii) Your published link will be interlinked from highly relevant blog post within this blog. 6) Image Source – Add right image for blog post.

You should be researching before and during the writing process to make sure that everything is accurate. We welcome quotes and references if you’re getting your information from somewhere else. 4) Unique Content – The content of the article becomes the property of lordnking.com once published. So, you can’t re-use the same content to publish somewhere else. You can add the resources in case your submitted article is a good collaboration of thoughts and ideas.


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This site is also open for home improvement free Guest posts. If you have any queries about the writing process, please do not hesitate to contact us in our email..

Is your content marketing strategy suffering from dry rot? Has your home and lifestyle magazine become flooded with uninspiring articles? Build new audiences with original, on-brand blog and web copy written to your specifications. All you need to do is just register with us and you will see a list of all the home improvement blogs listed for you that have high metrics. You can just send your content to them and they will publish it.

Upgrade Your Living RoomHaving the same interior design makes you tired of it. With the fast-changing world, our homes have to change as well – to meet the requirements and be comfortable to live in. The post Upgrade Your Living Room appeared first on HeckHome.

Whether you have grout or caulk as a filler between your tiles in the bathroom, it will exhibit signs of wear and tear over time. If you notice any crumbling, peeling, or mildew, it’s probably time for a touch-up. You want your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise in the summer, pushing cool air down. On most fans, you can change the rotation using the directional switch on the motor—typically by turning the switch down. To get the clockwise rotation in winter, just reverse the switch.

We’ve got many customers in Canada, the U.K., Australia, or New Zealand, and our writers know how to translate measurements, vernacular, and tradie slang. Submit an article written by content farms only to boost SEO. Write an article specifically to promote a business, brand, or product. If you mention a study, fact, statistic, make sure to link to the original source. More than 29,000 homes a year catch on fire from the lint build up in the dryer’s vent, according to the U.S.

It always gives you better reach if you aim to get your content published on the high-ranked ones. Start guest posting on the best home improvement blogs and you will be able to take your business/website to another level. Before you approach a site for guest posting, you must need to research a bit on their website’s content and the blogs that are already published there. You need to understand their requirements, their interests and what the readers would like to read in your guest post. Also go through their terms and conditions properly and approach accordingly. Mismatch of content, breaking of the standard rules, misalignment of content may lead to rejection of your blog.

Every business person knows that a successful business needs to have a large network of connections. As more brands get to know you, you’ll find partners and opportunities that you couldn’t have imagined otherwise. Not only this but the more your network increases, the more people will hear about your site. When your post on our site gets around 10,000 views, your website or profile will likely receive around 2,500 views as well.

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